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Welcome to Mainely Quilling!

There are few things I have found that I enjoy as much as quilling – and that’s saying a lot! I have painted and sketched and quilted and none of my former hobbies have given me the pleasure as I find when I finish a quilling project. For me, every piece is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen!

What’s so Special About Quilling?

Who would have ever guessed that little strips of paper could be coiled up and squeezed and shaped into such beautiful art! I never would have. But, as luck has it, I saw some of my cousin’s quillings and decided I had to try it. I was hooked immediately and that’s really all there is to say about that. Now, what makes it unique is that when you stand paper up on it’s end and bend it into shapes, you don’t just have the paper, you have the shadowing effect too. At different times of the day, quillings will look differently because the light is moving around. They are simply stunning when seen in person and I know you’ll fall in love with yours the moment you lay eyes on it.

About Me

I live in Maine with my husband, Dan, two miniature pinschers named Duke and Duchess (or affectionately – Oscar the Grouch and The Fun Police), and one cat named Dame who can’t decide whether she wants to be on the front side of a closed door or the back side of a open door. Oh, and I also have three noisy cockatiels. You’ll get to know them by each of their shrieks when I start loading up my tutorial videos. They’re hard to miss since their cage sits directly behind the desk where I film. Be forewarned! LOL

Anyways, I actually have my BA in English and my Master’s Degree in Technical Writing. Oddly enough, I’m a much more talented artist than I am writer. But, I attribute that to geography. If I’d left my home state and moved somewhere like Boston, or New York, or Los Angeles, I’d probably be writing someone else’s quilling blog copy instead of my own.

So here I am, a housewife and quiller. I work part-time as an accountant and I am a budding nature photographer as well. I am also an adult education instructor. Apparently I have my hands in a little bit of almost everything! I also dabble in charcoal on occasion.

Oh, and if you sometimes notice that I swap back and forth between the names Lash and Bettencourt, rest-assured, it’s the same me! I am legally Lash, but am in the process of changing to Bettencourt so that I match my husband.

Charcoal Drawing of Cooper

Charcoal Drawing of Cooper


I get a lot of requests for prices. The truth is that I don’t actually have set prices. I am always happy to provide a quote, but the price will depend upon the size, subject, complexity, and time investment. I do have a few items that I have created in advance available in my Facebook shop. And, as always, the scrollwork cats do have a set price and are offered on a commission basis. For anything else, contact me for estimates.


I have recently opened a storefront on my Facebook page. It has a few items listed currently and I will add more over time. Of course, most of my work is commissioned and unique, so if there’s something special you have in mind, message me and we can talk turkey.

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