Calling All Quillers

Contemporary Quilling

A few of my fellow quillers and I have started up a quilling page on Facebook and we’d like you to join us. We hope to grow into a large and supportive community that shares not only images of their work, but tips and tricks as well as friendly conversation.

Why join? We are hoping to offer a slightly different format than other pages. Here’s how:

  1. We encourage you to use your business’s name, including shares from your page/site. We feel it’s important that we recognize each other as individuals as well as the pages and sites and handles we use when conducting business.
  2. We encourage you to discuss different brands and websites and retailers and give honest opinions, suggestions, hints, and reviews.
  3. We’re not “rule” heavy. It’s not our intention to stifle your thoughts or feelings or posts. As long as you are acting like a normal, considerate human being, we won’t be deleting your posts and reprimanding you!
  4. We are open to the public. That means both artists and admirers alike can participate. We want to share the lovely art of quilling with the world and you can’t do that by closing the forum down and placing restrictions on everything.

Over time we will add a ton of content and we need your help to do so!

Please stop by our Facebook Page and join the group. Post some pics. Introduce yourself and get to know the gang.

We hope to see you there!

My art is for sale. If you would like to purchase something you see on my site, or want an entirely unique quilling made just for you, please contact me. I have some listings for original artwork and prints available on my Etsy Shop, and can always create a custom listing for you. Do you have any comments, questions, or suggestions? Please feel free to let me know what's on your mind. Or, you can contact me directly. Please visit Quilled Creations for all your quilling needs. They offer some of the best products on the market including premium quilling paper, high-quality tools, kits, and much, much, more.

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