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I bet you're wondering how a woman with a Master's Degree in Technical Writing ended up creating paper art? Let's just say that life often has unintended consequences. I mean, had things gone the way I thought they would when I was a child, I would be a world-renowned marine biologist right now. Swimming with the dolphins, saving the whales, diving with the sharks. I do miss that dream. I think I would have made a great marine biologist!

But amazingly enough - and this is just what I've been told so don't take my word for it - I also make a pretty good artist when I put my mind to it.

Instead of marine biology, I went to college for English and then Writing. It seemed like a good idea at the time. (insert sarcastic chuckle here) I wrote a couple of books (three, but who is counting). But things didn't pan out as I expected them to. It's not that I lack talent in that field, it's that I am but a drop in the bucket of millions of other writers. Once I put my virtual quill and ink away, I found myself bored. Yes, plain old bored. Or maybe the best way to describe it is that my brain felt like a pressure cooker and it was boiling and bubbling, but nothing was escaping. My sudden relinquishment of a hobby I'd immersed myself in for years on end created a creative damn. My brain was flooded with ideas but there just didn't seem to be a way to let it all out because nothing really "gripped" me. Nothing felt satisfying enough to calm the creative forces at work inside me.

I found out about quilling by accident. My cousin kept talking about "quilling" and I kept envisioning porcupine quills. (I live in Maine and we have a lot of creatures lurking around). So one day I asked her what was this "quilling" all about.

And then...

My world changed...


I discovered almost immediately that I simply had a knack for paper art. There is something about micromanaging hundreds of tiny strips of paper that makes my brain hum with endorphins. By nature, I am a control-freak. I am borderline obsessive and a perfectionist. Who would ever have guessed that paper was the perfect medium to meld with my quirks and allow me to unleash the torrent of imagination that had been building up?

And that's how this all started. Wow, what a story. It's hard to believe that it's my life I'm talking about. I would never have guessed that art would be the true passion in my life, though I am ever so grateful for finding this art form. It has changed me both inside and out. And my life is fuller and richer because of it.

Which is why I want to share my art with you. Every single piece is created with a piece of my mind and my heart and my soul. I believe that there is one special person destined to fall in love with each unique piece I create. Are you that person?

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