Field of Poppies Quilled Landscape

Field of Poppies Quilled Landscape

I run a quilling group called Contemporary Quilling and we produce a movie every Saturday night so our members can learn new things and we can interact as "in person" as it gets over the internet. It's a great way of connecting with other quillers and we have a fantastic time every single day.

Last weekend our Movie Night topic was Vortex Coils and my moderator Zahra made a tutorial video. Well we all tried it out and suddenly I found myself using up a bunch of sample paper creating these beautiful rose-colored vortexes. They built up and built up and suddenly I had to find a way to use them. The first half of the night I turned them into a photographic subject and took a few hundred shots of them from various angles and even some with them piled up in a 3D collage. 

Needless to say, I've decided that the coils are so photogenic that I'm planning to do an entire line of prints - starting with these. I cannot wait to start that project!

I sat around for hour trying to figure out how to use them and eventually started to see flowers in them. I worked up a background of "grass" with three colors of On Edge paper from Little Circles to test it out and once I placed the v-coils on it, I knew that it was going to work.

My only issue was the white background which I didn't think I could fill in completely. So I developed an entirely new technique to underpaint after pieces have already been placed. I was surprised it worked so well! Now I know exactly how to fill in backgrounds without disturbing glue or paper that's already fixed. It also works to paint the paper strips themselves, and in this piece I went a little crazy and painted a gradient on the strips. I really love the result.

My art is for sale. If you would like to purchase something you see on my site, or want an entirely unique quilling made just for you, please contact me. I have some listings for original artwork and prints available on my Etsy Shop, and can always create a custom listing for you. Do you have any comments, questions, or suggestions? Please feel free to let me know what's on your mind. Or, you can contact me directly. Please visit Quilled Creations for all your quilling needs. They offer some of the best products on the market including premium quilling paper, high-quality tools, kits, and much, much, more.

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