Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala

Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala

Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala

Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala
Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala

What a rush it is to create something that takes your own breath away. I’m not sure whether it was the euphoric rush of creativity or the beauty of the finished product. Either way, I loved every minute of making this beautiful mandala.

The colors were selected to both highlight and match the room where it will live eventually. White, black, dark brown, and gray. I decided to try out some new gilded paper from England and I’m really glad I did because the result was spectacular.

Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala - Close
Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala – Close


There was nothing special about the construction of this mandala. It was straight forwards tight coils and teardrop quills. The only parts that deviated from this were the black outlines which I did with three strips of paper and a LOT of pins! I normally quill directly on to a background sheet, so quilling onto a foam board with pins and transferring it was a blast from my early quilling past. The one thing I can say about pin quilling is that you have to be really careful to glue side-to-side only and get nothing on the bottom or you’ll spend lots of time brushing the globs off with a damp brush. I only had two areas I had to do this too thankfully.

The pattern built up really quickly until I had to make all the gold tight coils. That took forever. I think the total time it took start to finish was around ten hours, give or take. They are time-consuming, but very rewarding. I felt really accomplished when I finished this and can’t wait to begin another.

I think you’ll see my next one in shades of sage and blue…

And another after that.

If you’d like your very own mandala, please contact me. They start at $100 and this includes the intricately-made 8×8 mandala, an 8×8 mat that will fit a 12×12 frame, and a protective acetate art bag. Certain designs will be more, it’s based on level of detail. Each of the one-of-a-kind pieces of art takes me between ten and twenty hours to complete.

Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala - 3/4 View
Gilded Silver and Gold Quilled Mandala – 3/4 View



My art is for sale. If you would like to purchase something you see on my site, or want an entirely unique quilling made just for you, please contact me. I have some listings for original artwork and prints available on my Etsy Shop, and can always create a custom listing for you. Do you have any comments, questions, or suggestions? Please feel free to let me know what's on your mind. Or, you can contact me directly. Please visit Quilled Creations for all your quilling needs. They offer some of the best products on the market including premium quilling paper, high-quality tools, kits, and much, much, more.

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