Lularoe Steals Quilled Design

Lularoe Steals Quilled Design


They have no SHAME!

A friend and colleague of mine - Rebecca Streeton of Beehive Design - announced today that her frequently copied Unicorn design had been stolen by clothing giant Lularoe. Not only is this shocking, but demonstrates how little artists can do to protect their work. When a company as large as Lularoe disregards copyright laws, what are the little people supposed to do about it? The only thing I can come up with is to get the word out. This won't be tolerated. This shameful display of arrogance must be addressed. 

How does a company like Lularoe fail to research design concepts before putting them into production? It is completely baffling to me. Beehive's unicorn has gone viral over the past year or so and just a quick trip around the web clearly shows that this is Rebecca's original design. A few clicks is all it would have taken to discover that they are using a copyrighted design on their new clothing line. 

Maybe they just don't care. I've seen comments on Facebook posts about this that suggest that this is something they've done in the past with no care or concern for the original artist. Shame, shame, shame on you, Lularoe. It's actions like this that are both infuriating and discouraging to artists everywhere who constantly struggle with the theft of their artwork. 

If you're reading this post - please take a stand. Comment on Lularoe's social media pages about this injustice! Send them letters. Send them emails. Share this post with your friends and family. Maybe someone will find a way to help Rebecca.

Lularoe has deliberately made it nearly impossible to contact them. The only email address I have found is: 

Please support your local artists by contacting Lularoe about their blatant theft of her design!

See more work done by the talented Rebecca Streeton on her Facebook Page

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