Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram

Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram

Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram

Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram
Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram

I had a letter B monogram planned and I wasn’t sure what to do. I think I spent about two weeks pondering the letter. My first idea was to make two bird’s nests and put a vertical tree trunk connecting them to form the B. Then I realized that the person I was making it for already had a light blue mat for her shadowbox frame. It was then that I decided to incorporate blue flowers into it to match the mat.

Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram - Close
Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram – Close


I placed the flowers first. For the large left-most flower I used Quilled Creations Color Blend Vellum. (I wanted to try it out!). The other flowers were made with standard paper. Once the flowers were down I started on the nest.

This wasn’t the easiest task! Making those spirals is tedious. I wish there was a better way of doing them. Even after using the technique tons of times I struggle with it. I guess either I’m missing something or I lack the coordination.

I made the nest in layers with three colors of browns to give it depth. And, I wanted to see different colors if you looked at it closely. I made the eggs with my Mini Mold. I couldn’t get them to come out egg-shaped no matter what I tried so I gave up and they aren’t smooth like I intended.

After the nest and flowers were on, I outlined with 1/4″ dark brown. To make the “bark” texture I just loosely rolled brown paper, crimping it with my thumb as I rolled it so it wasn’t smooth.

The leaves were made with green boucle. And… that was pretty much it. Nothing special, just a little bit of extra time invested.

I hope you enjoy this unique monogram!

Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram - Side
Nest in a Tree Letter B Monogram – Side
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