Quilled Letter B Monogram – Burgundy Scrolls

Quilled Letter B Monogram – Burgundy Scrolls

Quilled Letter B Monogram

Burgundy Scrolls

Quilled Letter B Monogram - Burgundy Scrolls
Quilled Letter B Monogram – Burgundy Scrolls

Presenting the quilled letter B monogram in burgundy and cream scrolls. This particular monogram has gone off to live in Pennsylvania. You’ll be surprised how many times I had to type out the word Pennsylvania before I realized why there was a squiggly red line underneath it! Boy oh boy I’m getting old and illiterate.

Anyways, I was asked to recreate the letter B monogram in blue scrolls, and I think of all the requests I’ve had, this was the most difficult. Why? Because when I quill, it’s a completely unique process. I typically only plan so far as the shape, color scheme, and basic design – where the quills fall during creation is another story entirely. With monograms, I just work until they are done and it’s not exactly precise. If something fits well in a space, it goes there, if a space needs something to make it pop, I switch it up a bit.

So, recreating something as complicated as the scrolled blue B was daunting. As you can see, it’s not identical. I had to work with the way the paper fell and this was as close as I could get it to come. It is still striking and has the same feel to it. I’m very pleased with how it came out.

I think what is so appealing about this design is all the intricate scroll-work, plus the external flourish at the base of the letter. I do like the look of the monograms when there are details not just inside the outline, but outside as well. At some point in the future I plan to make some really complex monograms; I just need to find the time! LOL

This is actually the first monogram I’ve been commissioned to make that is burgundy. Usually it’s blues, so I was glad to get to work with these rich colors for a change.

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