Quilled Maine State Letter Y Monogram

Quilled Maine State Letter Y Monogram

Quilled Maine State Letter Y Monogram

Maine State Monogram - Letter Y

Maine State Monogram – Front Angle

I made this monogram for the Yarmouth Maine Historical Society. When I spoke with my contact there she just said “How about a Y?” So, I thought about it for a bit and decided that instead of making just a Y, I’d dress it up with a background of the State of Maine.

Maine State Monogram - Front Close

Maine State Monogram – Front Close

The monogram itself was made with just three colors: 1/8″ dark green, 1/4″ metallic gold, and 1/4″ yellow. As is usual, all my paper came from Quilled Creations.

I learned a couple of new things while creating this monogram. First, the new Savvy Slotted Tool from Quilled Creations is absolutely amazing. I was able to put some serious miles on it making the boucle for the background fill for the State of Maine. I was seriously impressed with how tiny and fine I was able to get my boucle for this part. You can see the difference in the size of the scrolls between the boucle background and the fill in the Y. The larger scrolls were made using my original slotted tool. The difference is really apparent in person because no matter how hard I try, I can never capture the true beauty of my artwork with a camera.

Maine State Monogram - Front

Maine State Monogram – Front

It just so happened that the foot of the Y ended where the town of Yarmouth is (approximately). So I made star there to mark the spot. It was an added touch that I think enhanced the monogram in a small, but powerful way.

I like this concept so much that I’m going to offer State Monograms on Etsy. I have added this image to the listing, and hopefully there will be more to come.

Maine State Monogam - Full

Maine State Monogam – Full
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