Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter W Monogram

Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter W Monogram

Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter W Monogram

Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter W Monogram
Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter W Monogram

One of my customers asked me to quill a monogram for her husband. All she gave me to go on was that his favorite color was “Arctic Cat Green.” A lot of time they’ll give me a theme to go by. This particular project concept didn’t include anything of the sorts. I usually create flowery, swirly, girly monograms. Women are my biggest customer and fan base. So when challenged with creating something for a man, I was a little nervous.


Creating the thick scrolled quilled letter W monogram included some new techniques that I kind of made up as I went along. I was glad to have received my new X-Pen Lightbox before I began, because it made thing so much easier.

I drew out the outline of the letter W and blocked in the two horizontal bars before I began. Normally I’d outline the entire letter then build around it, but for this particular monogram, I built the features onto the background first. But because I had the outline of the W, I was able to go back in after I was done and place the tiny black strips to complete the border.

Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter W Monogram - Side
Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter W Monogram – Side

The black scrolls were all made using three strips of paper. I glued just the ends together and then formed them into the scroll shapes. I used a little bamboo stick to wrap the ends around to make them round. This worked really well and I’m glad I had a couple on hand. To keep all three strips pressed together I worked from one side to the other, gluing the triple-strips down (on both sides). If you do it any other way you get bulges where one or two of the strips separate from the group.

Once the scrolls were done I laid down a triple-strip on the top and bottom of each of the horizontal bars. I didn’t like the result because they kind of fanned out. Then I realized that the bars were about 1/4″ thick, so I decided to cap the whole thing off with a full strip. This fixed the fanned out look and actually made the bars look really substantial. I loved the effect. They are big and solid and strong. Very masculine!

The next step took the longest, and that was filling in the border of the letter. Some of the pieces were incredibly short and I had a hard time getting these fit in efficiently. I think I worked most of the night doing it. Ugh. I love the final look, but if I were to sell any more of these, I’d have to find a different way of doing it.

Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter W Monogram - Full
Thick Scrolled Quilled Letter M Monogram – Full

This morning when I got up, I started filling in the letter with bright green. I just used a simple boucle technique for this. I do it pretty loosely and go back and fill in sparse areas with individual pieces later on.

I had originally planned to buy a Cricut machine and cut out a name to put between the bars. I didn’t end up getting my machine (big sad face!) so I had to figure out something to put there. I happened to look at another manly quilling that I have on my project list and saw a rivet. I made a test rivet to see how it looked and was certain that was the way to go.

I created nine rivets and spaced them out then glued them down. The rivets were just made up of one full strip of green and one full strip of black. I pressed them into Quilled Creations Mini Mold to round the top.


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