Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool Product Review

Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool Product Review

The New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Tool

New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool
New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool

As you can see from all of my posts, I am a huge Quilled Creations fan. They were the first company I purchased from and now they are my primary supplier.

This week I was fortunate enough to try out the new Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Tool. If any of you use their original slotted tool, you’ll notice that it has the same purple-colored theme, but looks very modern and unique. The major advantage of the new tool over the old tool is the size of the metal slot. The old tool has a larger slot and therefore creates a larger central hole and tag. The new Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Tool has an incredibly small slot and therefore leaves a much smaller center and tag.

The end result of this is that it creates a neater and more professional appearance to your quills. Some quillers don’t like seeing the tag in the middle. I’m not one of them, but I have also found a way around it. I’ll be making a video tutorial on that in the upcoming weeks as well.

For those of you who want a stylish and functional tool that nearly eliminates the central tag and minimizes the hole size, this is the tool for you. But, as if it can’t get any better, there are even more amazing features to this tool!


New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool - Size Comparison
New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool – Size Comparison


The new Savvy Slotted Tool is compact and fits ergonomically in your hand. As long as you have an average-sized hand, it should fit you perfectly. The tool is 9.5cm long, which is just a tiny fraction shorter than their original slotted tool. The barrel is slightly smaller in diameter than the original tool as well. But, I don’t think the difference will cause a noticeable effect when using it.

The bulbous end that fits in your palm is obviously a change in engineering. The original tool is a shaft that is the same diameter throughout it’s length. The new bulbous end of the Savvy Slotted Tool is about 1.5cm in diameter at its widest point. This is still relatively small and should fit in a wide range of palms.

New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool - Tip Comparison, Side
New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool – Tip Comparison, Side


The new Savvy Slotted Tool was designed to allow you to keep your wrist stationary while you use it. This is a huge upgrade! I’m not sure if any of you perform feats of extraordinary physical endurance by quilling non-stop for hours on end, but I do, and I can vouch that during these marathon sessions, my wrist will take a beating. I have carpal tunnel and a nasty ganglion cyst that grows into my carpal tunnel space, so… double whammy! The new Savvy Slotted Tool prevents wrist strain from happening in the first place. You don’t use your wrist to twirl, you use your thumb and forefinger. What’s also nice is that it spins really easily. The only tension you work against is that which you create by how much you pull back on your paper strips.


I have bought a lot of quilling tools and I will be the first to admit that I have been on the hunt for the tiniest tipped slotted tool I could find. Trouble is, I was never able to find one. Most companies don’t give sizes so you have to guess, and who wants to pay for something that is the same as what they already have. I also find that a lot of the tools I find aren’t in the US. I hate paying extra for shipping, extra money because of an exchange rate, then waiting a month for it to arrive.

Quilled Creations listened to their customers and designed and produced the ultimate quilling tool. I know that nothing can compare to the needle tool because of the perfect centers it produces, but this is about as close as you can get, while still benefiting from the grip, precision, and ease of a slotted tool.

New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool - Tip Comparison, Top
New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool – Tip Comparison, Top

I have been testing this tool out for nearly a week now and I can vouch that it produces a teeny, weeny center. So small that I don’t even have to force my paper a few turns more to break off the end like I did with the original tool. That was a slow process that required the extra step of pulling the broken tab piece out of the tool before moving on to the next coil. The Savvy Slotted Tool produces such a tiny center that it’s barely noticeable. I am impressed and a little bit in love, too!

New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool - Hole Comparison
New Quilled Creations Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool – Hole Comparison


Delicate Tip

The tips is incredibly delicate. Be extremely careful with it, starting from the moment you pull the cap off. This is one of those double-edged swords. You need very thin metal to produce the fine tip, but thin metal bends easier. So, it’s best to be concerned about the results above all else and just take care when using it. Don’t overwind your coils to break off the end. This will likely result in a bent slot.

Also, don’t drop the tool. If you own a pair of the Quilled Creations Fine-Tipped Tweezers, you’ll understand what I mean. Dropping these will likely mean a bent tip. I have bought so many pairs of these tweezers I don’t even want to count them at this point. I have a graveyard of them in my desk. They all met their fate because I dropped them. Each time I dropped them, I ruined them because the tips are so fine, just the slightest bump will bend the ends. When I order now, I tend to include a new pair of tweezers every other order or so. This tool is $9.95, and not just a few dollars, so it will be more expensive to replace should you end up bending the tip.


I know I included a disadvantages section. I guess it’s the part of me that used to be in charge of giving employee evaluations. Nothing is perfect. But the reality is that this tool is about as perfect as they come. There are a couple little things that you need to be aware of, but they shouldn’t detract from the amazing results you will get while using this tool.

I think that you will love your new Savvy Slotted Quilling Tool. I know that I do. So where do you get one?

Go to Quilled Creations’ website and place an order! You can find the tool here.

Like I said earlier, it is $9.95 USD. They ship world-wide, so if you aren’t in the US, don’t worry. You can still get one. I know that I talked with someone on Instagram this past week who couldn’t find them on the shelves in the UK. And, maybe that’ll be the case when you look for one too. But that’s the beauty of the internet. You don’t have to leave your house. Just click, pay, and wait for it to arrive.

While you’re on their site, be sure to check out their fantastic and amazing new Color Blend Vellum Paper. If you thought this tool was innovative, wait until you try out this paper. I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful it is. Watch my video here for an idea of why it’s so great!

My art is for sale. If you would like to purchase something you see on my site, or want an entirely unique quilling made just for you, please contact me. I have some listings for original artwork and prints available on my Etsy Shop, and can always create a custom listing for you. Do you have any comments, questions, or suggestions? Please feel free to let me know what's on your mind. Or, you can contact me directly. Please visit Quilled Creations for all your quilling needs. They offer some of the best products on the market including premium quilling paper, high-quality tools, kits, and much, much, more.

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